• Generating the pattern of a Golf Pro.
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Our Difference Neurogrip is a swing development system that interprets the activity of hand muscles in both hands to tell golfers what they have to do to improve their swing. Unlike all existing gadgets and golf aiding devices, this technology is not based on outside observation. It translates the muscle activity into integrated and intuitive feedback that enables the golf players of all levels to perfect their golf swing in a record time.

Students who have never played golf before, can use feedback from Neurogrip to develop the same swing pattern of a Golf Pro within 30 minutes.

How It Works

Sensorized Golf Gloves

The technology includes a sensorized golf glove for each hand.

Muscle Activity Transmission

Sensors transmit the muscle activity to a cell phone or a tablet.

Software Translation

Software translates the muscle activity to the corresponding moves of a golf player.

Sequence of Moves Display

The display will show the sequence of moves indicating which moves were wrong.

User Feedback

User receives the feedback after each swing.

Clear Instruction Interface

The interface will have clear instructions on how to correct the wrong moves.


Hand Muscle Activity

The activity of hand muscles is an indicator of the whole body activity during the swing.

Grip Change Detection

The sequence of golf moves is known, but the changes in a grip are undetectable by existing technologies.

Muscle Activity Translation

Our technology translates the muscle activity into the moves of a golf player.

User Friendly Feedback

The technology provides easy to read feedback and an explanation of the individual golf moves.

Accurate Information

A player will have the accurate information on what was missing or wrong in their moves.