Michael Linderman


Michael Linderman focuses his interests in computational approaches to movement disorders analysis. Very early in his career he was introduced to the pioneering ideas of Nicolai Bernstein in the area of man’s voluntary movement. Bernstein demonstrated how the problems of general physiology can be explored in terms of the structural analysis of movements.

Later on, Linderman worked at IBM and Nortel Networks. He became a recognized expert in object-oriented computer technology, and his book on visual programming applications was published by Cambridge University Press. Linderman also made notable contributions to software communications and communication security architecture. His technology is used by middleware applications in the cloud computing environment and on the Internet.

At Norconnect he conducted his pioneering research in handwriting electromyography and consistency in muscle activities of controlled movements. This led to several notable discoveries including the scientific optimization of golf swings for professionals and the students of golf.

Mary Lawrence

Chairwoman of the Business Advisory Board

Golf Professional

Winner of 5 Professional LPGA Events

St. Lawrence University Golf Coach

Mary Lawrence is chairwoman of the Business Advisory Board for Neurogrip and is presently the St. Lawrence University Golf Coach. Lawrence won the 1973 state junior crown and she won the 1977 NYS Women’s Amateur. She is a USGA Women’s Amateur medalist and participated in two NCAA national championship teams.

Mary has played in nine Women’s U.S. Opens and competed on the LPGA Tour from 1978-1983. Lawrence is one of the few coaches in the country that leads both men and women’s teams.