Simplified Golf Swing

A Simplified Diagram of a Golf Swing

Comparing Golf Swing of Students to a Professional Golfer.

The following charts show the milliseconds adjustments made by the muscles in the hands as the golfer completes the full golf swing. Mary Lawrence, a high level professional and teacher, has a swing pattern with very accurate and focussed movements of her hands at just the right time to hit the golf ball correctly. There is no wasted moment. She has developed this pattern of muscle activities over the life time of practice and focus. A member of a Univwersity golf team who has never had training with Neurogrip has a slightly focussed pattern, but it is nowhere near the level of Mary's. However, students who have never played golf before can be taught in 30 minutes to develop a swing pattern in their muscles that is remarkably similar to a long-term professional. Since the hands control the swing, developing this high level of muscle control may lead even an unexperienced golfer to hit the ball further with more accuracy and will help a Golf Pro also improve their swing.

  • Mary Lawrence
    Winner of 5 professional events on the LPGA Tour
  • 2nd high school student (boy)
    Beginning of training with Neurogrip
  • 1st high school student (girl)
    30 minutes of training, no previous golf experience
  • 2nd high school student (boy)
    30 minutes of training, no previous golf experience
  • Member of a University Golf Team
    Never had training with NeuroGrip

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